Arnold is able to conduct employee surveys in a way you haven’t seen before.

arnold robot conversation

A fresh look at employee surveys
A cutting-edge tool which helps you listen, understand and act

1. Listen to people through on-line chat

Your employees will enjoy conversations with Arnold much more than regular questionnaires. High response rates guaranteed.  


2. Instant results for managers

Each manager will get a report with their team’s results. Top management will get a full report with the results of the entire organization or a selected division. No waiting time. 


3. Personalized tips for each manager

Every manager will get a unique set of practical recommendations on what to improve based on their results.The reports will therefore work as a learning tool for driving your managers’ professional development.


4. Overview for HR and top management

With Arnold’s summary reports, top management and HR will always stay up to date with what is going on in the organization. Arnold will help you resolve any issues before they become serious.

100% money back guarantee

Intuitive and very easy to use

Available in 6 languages

Secured and GDPR compliant

Our client's success stories

As an HR Manager, I am very excited! People are not afraid to speak their minds, the surveys are not time-consuming an the outputs are professional.

HR Director, NMS Market Research

Tereza Navrátilová

We had a fabulous response rate thanks to this unique tool.  
vces logo

HR Director, VCES a.s.

Finally we found a tool for employee surveys that is not created just for “office” employees.

FMCG, food industry

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